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jap bank can transfer to overseas bank. I know for sure japan postal bank can. and if japan postal bank can, there`s no way private ones like mitsubishi ufj or mizuho can`t. there`s differences regarding transfer fee etc though so if she can`t come to her bank I don`t know...

sorry I never use internet for transfer.

松 さや

i c... thank for the information! i will tell her :)
thank you so much!


I live in Japan and when I want to transfer money overseas, I would use paypal.  Postal bank (Yucho) and all major banks can tranfer money (they all have internet banking system) but I think paypal commission should be the cheapest and the easienst^^

松 さや

thank you! i actually suggest her to send me via paypal but i'm not sure if she has it or not.. anyways thank so much for the information! :)


Xiao Qi punya bisnis nih^^
how r u?

松 さや

haha.. ngga koq, cuma lagi jual beberapa majalah..
baik2 nih :)

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